Roger Waters Tour 2010 – The Wall

Further to my last news story on Roger Waters Tour 2010, of The Wall of course, I am just awaiting any further news from Roger Waters manager after just emailing him.  Hopefully he will get back to me with some good news about a nice world tour of The Wall calling at all continents!  Who knows.

I never did get the chance to watch Pink Floyd live but have seen Roger and David Gilmour on solo tours.  Both being rather excellent of course!  Although not my favourite Pink Floyd album, The Wall is still an excellent piece and wish I had seen the original tour of the wall back in the 1980s.  A tour of The Wall in 2010 or 2010 is something many fans are eager to see: especialyl those like me who are too young to have been concert-goers in the early 1980’s. I minus 1 years old on the opening night of that tour!! haha.

Anyway, if I hear back from Roger Water’s manager about The Wall Tour 2010 or 2011 then I shall be posting news on the website in the news section, will definitely be broadcasting it in the NPF Newsletter and on social networks.

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