Roger Waters Us+Them Concert Film Released Today – Order and Watch Some Online

Roger Waters Us + Them Bluray 4K DVD
Roger Waters Us + Them Blu Ray 4K DVD

Roger Waters does not do things by half. That is certain. His tours just keep getting better and better. The Us + Them tour was exceptional and, for those who attended, I am sure most would agree that is was visually stunning and sounded amazing too!

In case you missed the tour, or simply want to relive it, this is a must get release! You don’t want to be looking back through grainy camera phone videos, you need stunning professional 4K bluray and DVD quality!

The concert film runs for 2 hours and 15 minutes and is currently number 1 in the Amazon blu-ray chart, and rightly so!

Treat yourself to a copy from or for the rest of the world

Watch Us + Them Online

Here are a selection of official videos that Roger has shared on Youtube to enjoy.

Us and Them


Deja Vu


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