Roger’s New Album/Tour

PP Arnold (legendry singer who toured with Roger Waters on his 2002 in the flesh tour) has confirmed to Colin Turner of that she has recently been working on 2 tracks for Roger Waters’ new “rock album”. Additionally, Mark Fenwick, Roger’s manager, confirmed that she has also set aside 9 months in 2005 for rehearsing the new album. It will likely be toured in 2006 starting in America in July. All of this will commence when Roger has finally released Ca Ira! You can download a video excerpt on this page here.

Roger has given interviews in the past about the album he is currently working on. It is apparently from the perspective of a New York cab driver from Croatia who was badly tortured in one of the Balklands wars. You can read some extensive information on Phil and Simons great site

Roger Waters was the creative force behind Pink Floyd, played bass and, along with Syd and David Gilmour, was one of the “lead singers” in the band. Subscribe to newsletter to remain informed.

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