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Roger’s Video about David Not Sharing Pink Floyd Website and Social Media

Roger Waters released a video criticising the use of Pink Floyd’s website and social media

It would seem the disagreements between Roger Waters and David Gilmour are hotting up again as Roger has posted a new video online having a go at the fact David won’t let Roger publicise his tours, videos etc on the Pink Floyd website and social media accounts. However, the accounts routinely share readings from Novels from David’s wife and other material not connected to Pink Floyd.

Roger said, amongst other things:

“Why do we have to sit and watch Polly Samson for year after year, month after month, day after day, and the Von Trapps reading us excerpts from their novels, to get us to go to sleep at night? And that’s a very good question. And yet we don’t get to hear about anything that Roger is doing, or about this is not a drill, or when he makes a piece of work it is not shown.”

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Those with a more cynical mind would pick up this video and put alongside the fact Roger’s Us and Them concert film has just become available for streaming on the likes of Amazon Prime, and conclude this is a publicity stunt! Indeed, anytime anyone has anything to publicise, the “Pink Floyd Reunion” spiel is usually dragged out to get some column inches. It would seem Roger the attack dog has come out on this occasion!

Watch Roger’s video below in full and feel free to leave a comment. Should he be allowed to publicise his Us & Them video release, tour info and other things?


An announcement from me. And when I mention the Pink Floyd website, I also mean the Facebook page and all the rest.

Posted by Roger Waters on Monday, 18 May 2020
David and Polly Von Trapped Family
David and Polly Von Trapped Family

During lockdown, The Gilmours have been entertaining fans with their weekly “Von Trapp Family” get togethers in their barn, playing songs, reading from Polly Samson’s new novel and taking questions from fans.

Roger Waters Mother on Lockdown Band Grid
Roger Waters Mother on Lockdown Band Grid

Roger also joined in the Coronavirus creative response by doing a version of Mother with most of his band minus sax (Mother has no sax).

Roger Waters was gearing up to be touring this year but was postponed, he also has his Us & Them concert documentary out now

It would seem Roger is getting quite worked up.

23 thoughts on “Roger’s Video about David Not Sharing Pink Floyd Website and Social Media”

  1. Roger just seems to be endlessly unhappy with an ax to grind. As others have said he left the group and hoped it would collapse without him. He essentially went his own way on the Wall and preferred it that way. He can find his own outlet to promote his work
    Regarding the Polly Samson Von Trapped issue. I do watch and enjoy them although have never seen them on this site only on her Facebook page.

  2. A permanently unhappy and miserable wife, too eager to divorce when young, is years later distraught that the ex-husband has kept the mansion nice and tidy for decades, made a beautiful and successful life for himself and is happy with a new family. How dare he doesn’t include my pictures over the fireplace beside the new wife’s, she cries. Wait a minute this reminds me of that song… how does it go… ah yes – did you understand the music, Yoko, or was it all in vain?

  3. Get a life left Pink Floyd..get your own web page to promote your doings

  4. As far as I’m concerned, Roger IS Pink Floyd. After all, he was a founding member and David not. David is a GREAT guitarist and composer, but no talent in lyrics. I also think POLLY can get her own thing up and running… she has F…al to do with Pink Floyd. Who gives a toss about her books anyway? I’m with you Roger.
    A BIG fan and saw your show in South Africa years ago.
    Rock on Rog!
    John (South Africa)

  5. Life is long, but not that long. Amazing music was made and more could be. Fighting like too old goats about things that don’t matter, it’s wasteful. Live, love, laugh & make more great music. Imagine what you can create out of all your petty distaste for one another… There is no Pink Floyd without Roger Waters & David Gilmour and neither is better than the both. The world could use a bit more Pink Floyd!

  6. I’m with Roger, you could have his stuff on the website and we can still suffer through Polly’s stuff too if necessary. We should all get along and banning the founding member is rubbish. I love David’s contributions, but I don’t view him as king.

  7. Get off my lawn Waters is realizing that Karma can be quite cruel. He’s a mean, anti-Semite who’s not that different than the tit who spit on children in Montreal. Time for Rog to hide behind the wall he built the past 50 years.

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