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Roger’s Video about David Not Sharing Pink Floyd Website and Social Media

Roger Waters released a video criticising the use of Pink Floyd’s website and social media

It would seem the disagreements between Roger Waters and David Gilmour are hotting up again as Roger has posted a new video online having a go at the fact David won’t let Roger publicise his tours, videos etc on the Pink Floyd website and social media accounts. However, the accounts routinely share readings from Novels from David’s wife and other material not connected to Pink Floyd.

Roger said, amongst other things:

“Why do we have to sit and watch Polly Samson for year after year, month after month, day after day, and the Von Trapps reading us excerpts from their novels, to get us to go to sleep at night? And that’s a very good question. And yet we don’t get to hear about anything that Roger is doing, or about this is not a drill, or when he makes a piece of work it is not shown.”

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Those with a more cynical mind would pick up this video and put alongside the fact Roger’s Us and Them concert film has just become available for streaming on the likes of Amazon Prime, and conclude this is a publicity stunt! Indeed, anytime anyone has anything to publicise, the “Pink Floyd Reunion” spiel is usually dragged out to get some column inches. It would seem Roger the attack dog has come out on this occasion!

Watch Roger’s video below in full and feel free to leave a comment. Should he be allowed to publicise his Us & Them video release, tour info and other things?


An announcement from me. And when I mention the Pink Floyd website, I also mean the Facebook page and all the rest.

Posted by Roger Waters on Monday, 18 May 2020
David and Polly Von Trapped Family
David and Polly Von Trapped Family

During lockdown, The Gilmours have been entertaining fans with their weekly “Von Trapp Family” get togethers in their barn, playing songs, reading from Polly Samson’s new novel and taking questions from fans.

Roger Waters Mother on Lockdown Band Grid
Roger Waters Mother on Lockdown Band Grid

Roger also joined in the Coronavirus creative response by doing a version of Mother with most of his band minus sax (Mother has no sax).

Roger Waters was gearing up to be touring this year but was postponed, he also has his Us & Them concert documentary out now

It would seem Roger is getting quite worked up.

23 thoughts on “Roger’s Video about David Not Sharing Pink Floyd Website and Social Media”

  1. Waters is a weepy frustrated old man who has nothing to say anymore except how unfair life is.
    Too bad he aint’ part of pink floyd anymore for 35years, so why should his stuff appear on the website. run to your mama and stop crying to me.

  2. I would think that Roger’s concerts, etc. are a bit more relevant than David’s “Von Trapp” side matter diversions for inclusion on the Pink Floyd website, etc. I love David’s work but I think the sideline, family stuff would be more suitable for his own website, etc. Same as Roger’s political rants. I could care less to see that on the Pink Floyd site either.

  3. Roger did walk away from the rest of the band, thinking he was PInk Floyd, only to find that the sum of the parts was greater than himself. He strikes me as a bitter man who failed to have it all his own way back in the 1980s, only to see David, Rick and Nick make a storming success of the name. As a fan of PF since the early 1970s, I’ve given up on listening to RW’s material and going to his shows, as he seemingly indulges in joyless political rants against all he sees wrong with the world, whereas David and NIck just seem to enjoy their life, family and friends and that filters into their music.I get enough politics from listening to Today on BBC Radio 4, I don’t need it when relaxing to music.

  4. Did roger waters not leave the band becuase he thought he was pink floyd and the band would have folded with him leaving, but they carried on and brought out more outstanding albums without him, this just sound like a statement pot kettle to be honest if roger waters wanted to stay under the pink floyd umbrella as a company he shouldnt have left the band, i love all members of pink floyd but give it a rest roger statements like this are trying to heal a rift my arse more like stoking fires and probably showing the reason why the other members of the band wouldnt work with him again? All these comments are my own personal thoughts not facts everyone has their own opinion and roger is entitled to his bit to be honest i get a bit sick of hearing these comments he just sounds like a wounded guy who f#@ked up many years ago and he is still blaming everyone else for it my opinion, i have seen roger waters the wall at o2 when david and nick were there last time you played together i was in manchester and amsterdam seen the 2 us and them gigs at glasgow seen david gilmour twice in the albert hall all outstanding gigs every member is talented but the fact is only 1 member of pink floyd broke up the original pink floyd and that was roger waters and the remaining band members carried pink floyd into a new era without him, sour grapes roger

  5. I thought it was a bit ironic that only a few days ago Roger waxed lyrical about being “in” a band. He isn’t. He owns one. He resigned membership of the one he was in many years ago and has contributed little but spite ever since. Personally, I would leave the Gilmour stuff off the PF website but that’s up to the bloke who owns the rights to it. In the meantime this is “just another sad old man”…

  6. Roger decided of his own volition to leave the band 35 years ago. However, I think the whole disagreement between Roger and David is beginning to sound like a stuck record and quite frankly I’ve lost interest in the matter except for how it affects the band’s legacy and the release of material from the time when Roger was in the band.
    The only thing fans are really missing is an Immersion style release of ‘Animals’ which would include a 5.1 mix and someone in their respective managements should knock some heads together to make it happen. After all, it can hardly be about the money, they’ve all got enough for this lifetime and an inheritence for their kids.
    If Roger isn’t careful he’ll morph into one of the species depicted on Animals and it won’t be a Sheep.

  7. Roger is no longer a part of Pink Floyd, and haven’t been for years. So it’s no logical reason for him to use their marketing channels.
    Although the Von Trapped are pretentious and kind of boring, it is clear that Polly has been a contributing creative part of Pink Floyd for over 25 years. So her doings and cowork with David is far more relevant than Roger regarding Pink Floyd today. Even though Roger is a irreplaceable part of the Pink Floyd history he now is only that… History.
    Stop mourning Roger and do your own thing!

  8. Roger isn’t in Pink Floyd any more (not that there is one now I suppose), why would he expect his work to be publicized on their website? I’m a Waters fan, but you can’t have it both ways, especially after the some of the nastiness between him and the band/Gilmour over the years.

  9. Rogers’ Pink Floyd material should be included on Pink Floyd website. No question.

  10. Look people commentators. Your all stopped dreaming. We the ‘Pink Floyd’ fans, should never lose hope. What do we know what’s been said between these two gentlemen in the past. A fan without dreams and hopes is a sad sad thing. If the final three get together for a tour can you imagine a bigger event and glorious closure. Of course David should allow a slot at the bottom of his page, Roger has a huge following too and they could both benefit. David got too big for his boots and Polly wants to put the kettle on. I prefer to dream on and stay young folks like an ignorant fool — One day the remaining Pink Floyd members will get back together and burn the world. Dream on people, it doesn’t hurt to dream on.

    If it wasn’t for those traffic lights
    I might not never not have met her
    She was standing in the chip shop light
    With gravy on her chin

    I said ee aar love giz a bite
    she said f….off you’re minging
    so I done something I shouldn’t have
    and I shoved it in her face

    Third degree burns down one side
    she stood there she was screaming
    so I turned around and ran as fast
    as a convict on the run

    Oh those nights in Liverpool
    where the girls a rather crazy
    and the boys are oh so cruel.

    Dream, dream dream dream when I met you. Come of David – put Polly in her cage and pick up the phone, Rogers not looking to well above. ENOUGH!!!

  11. Pink Floyd was a great band, and David Gilmour is, and will always be the Voice behind the music. Roger walked away with Millions, suing his own bandmates, the most successful band of that time. He broke up families, and I wish David never met, or made Polly Samson any part of Pink Floyd. I won’t watch the homewrecker, and 4 kids reap the benefits, by co-mingling with Pink Floyd through David. Roger doesn’t belong on any Pink Floyd channel, site or credits for the “Later Years” either.
    I love David for saving Pink Floyd, you have to give him credit for doing so.

  12. These two people still acting like small child, and I don’t see they show any respect to their fans.
    Ok, I like the music they make, I have too much respect to what they do and their personality too.
    But sorry a Pink Floyd web site should only have Pink Floyd as we always keep in mind. Neither the wife theater nor political theater.
    If they want do this things they have enough fame and money to do in different channels, better they stop use Pink Floyd name.
    If they think they still need to exploit Pink Floyd name , please have some respect to the fans.
    I believe best thing these two can do is take a lesson from Rick’s death and understand the life is not worth for to take revenge for 30-40 year old fights. Better they all come together make some last piece of fine art for their fans which will make us remember them as grown ups.

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