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Stay (Wright, Waters) 4:05

Stay and help me to end the day.
And if you don’t mind,
We’ll break a bottle of wine.
Stick around and maybe we’ll put one down,
Because I wanna find what lies behind those eyes.
Midnight blue burning gold.
A yellow moon is growing cold.

I rise, looking through my morning eyes,
Surprised to find you by my side.
Rack my brain to try to remember your name
To find the words to tell you good-bye.
Morning dues.
Newborn day.
Midnight blue turned to gray.
Midnight blue burning gold.
A yellow moon is growing cold.

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About the Song

“Stay” is a track from Pink Floyd’s 1972 album “Obscured by Clouds,” known for its soft piano introduction and reflective lyrics. It’s one of the few Pink Floyd songs featuring Richard Wright as the lead vocalist, co-written by him and Roger Waters.

The song “Stay” from Pink Floyd’s album “Obscured by Clouds” delivers a moment of melodic introspection in the midst of the album’s more experimental sound. The track features Richard Wright’s haunting vocals and evocative piano playing, which underscore the song’s themes of fleeting relationships and the yearning for connection.

“Stay” reflects on the transient nature of a romantic encounter, with lyrics that convey a sense of nostalgia and lament for what might have been. Wright’s voice, combined with Waters’ poignant words, gives the track an air of vulnerability and sincerity.

The musical arrangement is complemented by David Gilmour’s guitar work, which adds a layer of depth to the piece without overshadowing its gentle cadence. Nick Mason’s subtle drumming maintains a soft backbeat, allowing the song’s emotive lyrics and melody to take center stage.

In “Stay,” Pink Floyd explores the complexities of human emotion with a simplicity that contrasts with their typically grandiose compositions. This track stands out as a tender, reflective piece within the band’s repertoire, showcasing their ability to capture the more delicate aspects of the human experience in song.

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