Syd Barrett Art Exhibition in London

The Syd Barrett Art Exhibition at Idea Generation gallery in London is set to open tomorrow to co-incide with the release of the most excellent of books Barrett. You can read NPF very own Barrett book review. The exhibition includes origina Syd Barrett paintings that you can see – lucky that he didn’t destroy them all in his later years. You can see letters he wrote to girlfriends of the past which include all sorts of odd drawings and characters. There is also lots of other things to see too so make sure you pop down and check it all out!

The gallery exhibition, organised by Will Shutes (also co-author of the Barrett book) and Brian Wernham, is open until 10th April 2011 so you had best get making plans for transport and hotels now!! I am hoping to get down there myself to see the exhibition in the final week, perhaps on the Saturday.

I received my physical copy of the Barrett book last evening and have been scanning through it and must say it is a wonderful creation indeed. Beautiful quality paper and an excellent standard of printing. I could even still smell the glue used to bind the pages and book cover! Very fresh indeed!

If you would like a little taster of all things Syd Barrett artwork, much of which is shown at the exhibition, then you should look at the Syd Barrett Photos in the NPF picture gallery and, in particular, the Syd Barrett artwork pictures album.

The last painting Syd did that people know about is the one one below in January 2006, shortly before he died. This picture is on display at the exhibition I believe.

If anybody attends the Syd Barrett art exhibition, then please do feel free to get in touch and perhaps share a few words about what you thought. Decent accounts may get published on the blog here or, a very well written piece could go in the Pink Floyd Magazine!

Last known painting Syd did
Syd Barrett Paintings

2 thoughts on “Syd Barrett Art Exhibition in London”

  1. I attended the Ideas Gallery exhibition just off Bishopsgate in London yesterday.
    My interest in Barrett was sparked by his psychedelic output with Pink Floyd rather than as a painter. Apparently painting was more important to him than composing and performing music. In fact music only occupied a small part of his life while painting remained a lifelong occupation. Bizarrely he destroyed many of his artworks on completion though he did keep a photograpic record which can be seen at the exhibition. Enough of his output from his teens to his death in 2006 survives to make up an interesting exhibition (mostly of his paintings but also correspondence particularly to early girlfriends). Any admirer of Barrett must try to attend the exhibition and I’m glad I did but I’m going to have to say I love his musical output more than I do his paintings which, apart from the odd ‘masterpiece’ like Terrapin, I found quite erratic, a little childish and amateurish. Perhaps, unlike his music which I fully appreciate and understand, I’ve failed to tune into his genius when it comes to painting.

  2. Rereading my reply above I’ve just been struck by the similarity of my comments and tone to that famous interview of Hans Keller with Roger Waters and Syd on ‘The Look of the Week’. Perhaps I’m turning into a swarmy, patronising old git like the good Dr………..

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