Syd Barrett Fund World Mental Health Day Twitterthon

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Syd BarrettEscape Artists, the socially inclusive arts charity supported by the Syd Barrett Fund, is marking World Mental Health Day this weekend by inviting people to take part in Twitter discussions focusing on two themes close to the subject of Syd.

The two questions being asked are:

How does loneliness affect your daily life and mental wellbeing?

Do the arts really help people suffering with mental health problems?

Both are on Sunday October 10th which is World Mental Health Day. The first subject will be up for discussion between 3 and 5 PM UK time, with the second happening between 6 and 8 PM.

How To Join In

To join in the discussion, you need a free Twitter account ( and access to the internet. In your tweet, include the hashtag #MHchat and your post will be tracked as part of the discussion.

To follow the discussion, search #MHchat, which will filter all tweets with the hashtag for you to view.

For a detailed introduction of how Twitter works, please visit the following links:

If Twitter isn’t for you, but you’re still interested in either topic and want to see what is said, see this page on Interstellar which is the online home of the Syd Barrett Fund:

Discrimination of people who suffer from mental health problems results in isolation and loneliness, something that many of us can relate to. Disturbingly, there have been many reports of an increase in feelings of loneliness, not only in people who suffer from mental health problems, but also in those who find themselves bogged down by the difficulties of everyday life. As a result, numbers of people suffering from anxiety and depression are rising, particularly in times of economic strife.

On this note, for World Mental Health Day 2010, we invite everyone to get involved in promoting awareness – whether it be from the perspective of having suffered from some form of mental health problem, or because you want to know more – in the form of a Twitter chat.

Why Twitter?

Twitter is a way for large numbers of people to engage in education and discussion that has the added benefit of being able to link people together. It allows people who would never normally have a chance to converse, to do just that. And for this reason, we believe that this format can contribute largely to our vision of social inclusion and awareness of mental health.

If it is successful, we will roll it into our Off Your Rocker awareness campaign that will run through 2011 on a monthly basis, to provide an easily accessible platform for discussion.

Please come join us on Twitter with an open mind, contribute to the discussion, and share your views on the topics above. And don’t forget to use the hashtag #MHchat in your tweets!

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