Syd Barrett – MOJO March 2010 – Inside Story of Madcap Laughs

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Syd Barrett MOJO March 2010 Front Cover Scan

The March 2010 edition of the excellent MOJO magazine has Syd Barrett on the front cover and many pages dedicated to him inside! It also has a re-recording of Syd Barrett’s debut solo album The Madcap Laughs by such people like REM, Captain Sensible, Robyn Hitchcock and more!

The inside story of The Madcap Laughs is told on 15 wonderful pages by David Gilmour, Robert Wyatt, Storm Thorgerson, photographer Mick Rock and others.  Certainly worth getting a copy if you are a Barrett fan or fan of the psychedelic scene.

Syd Barrett Outtakes and Possible Gilmour Project on them!

One interesting part of the story is David Gilmour visiting his memories of taking copies of the recordings he did with Barrett and the fact he has had them digitised onto his computer.  

David Gilmour said, “I’ve got a lot of Syd Material digitised onto a hard drive that I can play with, thought I haven’t yet.  I have got half a mind to try to improve it, which can be done with today’s technology.

He went on to say, “These days, you can take bits of each [outtake recordings] and seam them together invisibly, and make something that’s still Syd but a little bit prettier.  Its one of those things Im tempted to look at, but I suspect your ardent Syd fans would go, ‘That’s terrible, sacrilege!’, so I don’t know.

Petition David Gilmour

Well perhaps we should form some sort of petition to show support for David Gilmour to do something with the Syd Barrett material he has! 

A good starting point would be to vote on the NPF Poll on the issue on the forum.

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Source [ Mark Blake, MOJO ]