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Pink Floyd 1967 Golden Circle Pre Gig

“Forgotten” Pink Floyd 1967 Live Photos to be Released

Unseen Pink Floyd Syd Barrett Photos 20+ professional photos of Pink Floyd’s performance at Gyllene Cirkeln in Sweden 1967, by photographer Kenneth Ekberg, have been discovered and will be shared for the first time on 26th February 2022. Details of the exhibition, which includes a performance Men On The Border and guests, will be shared in due course. Please come and discuss on the forum. One of the guests is Janne Schaffer, of ABBA fame, who will bring the amplifier that he used that very might in 1967 as a support act to Pink Floyd and lent to Syd Barrett for the evening. A live recording of this particular concert was officially released in Pink Floyd The Early Years mammoth box set, later releases as separates, and is widely available on the bootleg/ROIO scene. This is the only live performance of Syd Barrett’s Pink Floyd to be officially released. Live...

Early Morning Henry featuring Pink Floyd 1967

Early Morning Henry featuring Pink Floyd Found – Listen Now!

Pink Floyd collectors will be very excited to learn that a recording, thought lost forever, probably featuring Pink Floyd as a backing band, has been found after many years. It will be available for auction on 16th October in Wessex, England at 12pm BST. The recording is Early Morning Henry, the auction house is Wessex Auction House, the songwriter/artist is William “Billy” Butler and the backing band was none other than Pink Floyd. It was recorded on 23rd October 1967 at Abbey Road Studios. The recording sheet is below showing Pink Floyd were recording Set The Controls for the Heart of the Sun at the time. The recording was produced by Norman “Hurricane” Smith who was a former RAF Pilot, worked with the Beatles and Pink Floyd. After the recording session, it is noted in the recording sheet above that the recording went off with Norman never to be seen...