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Nick Masons Saucerful of Secrets at Montreux Jazz Festival in July 2024

Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets at Montreux Jazz Festival

Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets will be calling at Montreux Jazz Festival on Saturday 13th July 2024. They will be performing at the Casio where Pink Floyd originally played in 1970. That concert was part of the Atom Heart Mother World Tour. The Montreux Jazz Festival invites you to join them on a journey back to the iconic Pink Floyd concert at Montreux Casino. Fast forward over 50 years, and the spirit of that legendary event resonates once again with the arrival of Nick Mason. Returning symbolically to the very venue, the renowned drummer is set to revisit the band’s early repertoire. Get Early Bird Tickets Today You can get early bird tickets today if you subscribe to Montreux Jazz Insider. Then you will be able to purchase your tickets today starting at 2 PM, one day ahead of everyone else. The Early Bird ticket sale allows each subscriber to...

Duggie Fields Syd Barrett House Interview

Artist Duggie Fields in a rare filmed interview in the flat he shared with his friend Syd Barrett

I often wonder what our favourite musicians are like when they are just hanging out at home when not on the stage doing their thing! I guess many of the “legendary stories” are invented by the media and fans alike to elevate these people and make them into stars! According to Duggie Fields, in this unseen extended interview below, Syd was a bit more normal than some of his other friends and wasn’t so much a victim of his drug usage (he didn’t do that much apparently) as he was a victim of having his creative flow disrupted by the sudden onset of fame, and people trying to limit his creative output. Duggie passed away in March 2021 and the interview below was done by producer John Edginton back in 2001 in the house where Syd lived with Duggie. The same house where Syd painted the floorboards in the room...