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Pink Floyd Album Covers

Pink Floyd album covers are some of the most recognised in the world because they are iconic and exceptionally memorable. Imagining Pink Floyd albums without their cover art is impossible because they form part of the art of the album. I would find it very hard to pick a favourite album cover out of the vast collection. Each of the album’s artwork displays, particularly when presented on a larger format LP, are simply stunning. Who designed Pink Floyd Album Covers? Pink Floyd is known not only for its progressive and psychedelic music. They are also known for their memorable and often surreal album covers. Many of these covers were designed by Storm Thorgerson and his design group, Hipgnosis. Storm was a difficult man to work with but a genius when it came to making memorable album covers. Here’s a brief overview of some of the most notable Pink Floyd album...

Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here Single

Pink Floyd & Hipgnosis – Masters of Album Cover Art Exhibition 2014

St Pauls Gallery in Birmingham are exhibiting fine art print album cover art including pieces from Pink Floyd, 10CC, Led Zeppelin and others. The event is a celebration of the output from design house Hipgnosis where Aubrey Powell (pictured right) and the late Storm Thorgerson led the design team to create some of the most iconic album cover art in the history of music. Pink Floyd have had a long relationship with Storm Thorgerson and Hipgnosis. Storm was a childhood friend of the band growing up in Cambridge and produced many of Pink Floyd’s album covers. The excellent book Mind Over Matter: The Images of Pink Floyd is an excellent document of the amazing work produced by Hipgnosis for the Pink Floyd; additionally, The Album Art of Hipgnosis also covers Pink Floyd but is a comprehensive document of some of the cutting edge creative output of Hipgnosis. Certainly worth looking...