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Pink Floyd News Roger Waters News David Gilmour News!

If you have any news that you would like to share regarding Pink Floyd or related, then please do get in touch via the link here.

One of the main sections of the Neptune Pink Floyd website is the Pink Floyd News section.  It also contains David Gilmour News and Roger Waters news also.  The scope also widens for the provision of other news that is at least in some way related to Pink Floyd.

So there you go.  If you have any news related to Pink Floyd then please do get in touch!

Here is some news, there will be no Wall 30th Anniversary release!

Some more news > Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett 2010 calendars official ones too and dont miss Gerald Scarfe exhibition in Germany to coincide with the 30th anniversary of Pink Floyd The Wall.

Roger Waters News for 2009

Roger Waters news for 2009 is a little scarce at present.  He has been to Israel and said he would do a concert there if the wall came down.  But there are no details of any tour for 2009 or any album for 2009 either.

You can discuss Roger Waters news for 2009 on the NPF Forum on this thread if you hear anything.

It would be nice if he were to do a studio album.  He did mention a couple of years ago that he was working on something but it could be “too political” to be released in the current climate the world faces in light of terrorism etc.

Roger Waters Tour 1984 to 2009 details.  It would be nice if some tickets for Roger Waters became available for 2010!