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Australian Pink Floyd | Tour Dates | 2010 2011 | Tribute Band

The Australian Pink Floyd are probably the best Pink Floyd tribute or covers band out there.  They will be going on tour again in 2011 so, in addition to Roger Waters tour of The Wall in 2010 2011 something else to look forward to!

The Australian Pink Floyd Tour 2011 will be announced either towards the end of this year 2010 or perhaps early on in 2011. I myself have seen them twice: once at the new Liverpool Echo arena during the Summer Pops festival of 2009 for which they are a regular performer and also in Manchester.

The Aussie Floyd once played as a Pink Floyd Covers band at David Gilmour’s birthday party so, if he likes them, I imagine most fans will too!

Stay tuned on Neptune Pink Floyd for when the tour is announced. It is well worth getting Austrlian Pink Floyd tickets even though they are quite expensive. Like with most things in life and in the world of touring and live music, you get what you pay for!

News on Australian Pink Floyd Tour 2010 2011.

Australian Pink Floyd @ Liverpool Echo Summer Pops

I am fortunate enough to have tickets to be heading along to the Liverpool Echo Arena just next to the Albert Docks on Liverpool’s waterfront on Saturday 1st August 2009.  They shall be performing a rendition of Pink Floyd’s The Wall in Liverpool’s nice new-ish arena.  It is about time they had one.  Capital of Culture 2008 and all.

I shall be taking one or two photos and may even write a little review for the Neptune Pink Floyd Magazine, which has not had an article added to it since January!!

Feel free to pop over to the Neptune Pink Floyd Forum to discuss the Australian Pink Floyd shows.