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Syd Barrett Vegetable Man Handwritten Lyrics

Bonhams to Auction Syd Barrett Handwritten Lyrics

Bonhams in London are to auction the handwritten lyrics to Syd Barrett’s Vegetable Man on 16th November 2022 for between £30-£40k at 1pm. If you have spare cash knocking about you had best get involved. Otherwise, you can pop it on your music player instead and enjoy it that way. Better still, grab your guitar and play along to Syd’s chords and lyrics combo below. I am. The song was not featured on Syd’s solo albums, but was finally released in 2016 in the Pink Floyd Early Years boxset. The song also featured on many bootlegs and has been widely available for some time. Details from the auction house Syd Barrett / Pink Floyd: A Rare Set Of Handwritten Lyrics For Vegetable Man, circa. 1967, each verse and the chorus written across 32 lines over two pages of lined paper in blue ballpoint pen, titled ‘Vegetable Man’ with handwritten musical...

Pink Floyd Live Ultimate Companion from Uncut Magazine

Pink Floyd Live Ultimate Companion from Uncut Magazine

The makers of Uncut Magazine have an ultimate guide to Pink Floyd live performances between 1966 to 1981. What is it? It’s a premium 124-page magazine, telling the story of Pink Floyd’s greatest music through the prism of their stage performances, 1966-1981. We tell the story, dive deep into the music (official and unofficial) and dig into the archives of NME and Melody Maker to reveal what the band were saying about their activity at the time. The magazine is currently at the printers I am told and will be out shortly (April 27th) so watch this space and feel free to discuss on the forum.

Roger Waters: KAOS FM 1987: Live Radio Broadcast on Spotify

Roger Waters Radio KAOS Live on Spotify

As highlighted on Roger Waters’ official YouTube page, a selection of songs from the live broadcast of Radio Waves, recorded at Colisée De Québec, Canada, on 7th November 1987, has made its way officially onto Spotify. it is calle Roger Waters: KAOS FM 1987: Live Radio Broadcast. There are 8 songs in total giving 49 minutes of the live performance which has been a favourite amongst bootleggers over the years. Pink Floyd recently released a load of old bootlegs on Spotify, presumably due to copyright reasons. It seems the fashionable thing to do these days as loads of other artists are getting in on the act too. Bootlegs have long been a Pink Floyd fan’s interest with hundreds of the recordings existing with varying quality. The bootlegs, often called Records of Indeterminate Origin or RoIOs, often showcase what was new material at the time and you can hear how songs...

Pink Floyd Bootlegs Streaming

Pink Floyd Bootlegs on Streaming Platforms

Pink Floyd Music Limited has discreetly released a load of Pink Floyd RoIO’s (Record of Illegitimate/Indeterminate Origin) on streaming services like Spotify, in what is probably a move to elongate the copyright claim to their earlier albums, given that copyright expires after 70 years if the work has not been used. The PF Music Limited company owns the back catalogue I think before Roger left, and has Roger Waters, David Gilmour and Nick Mason as its owners. It is a separate entity to Pink Floyd (1987) Limited which Gilmour and Mason own. Regarding Bob Dylan material, an employee of Sony Music said in 2012, “The copyright law in Europe was recently extended from 50 to 70 years for everything recorded in 1963 and beyond. With everything before that, there’s a new ‘Use It or Lose It’ provision. It basically said, ‘If you haven’t used the recordings in the first 50...

Have You Got It Yet HYGIY Syd Barrett

Have You Got It Yet? HYGIY? Syd Barrett

Syd Barrett, what an amazing mythological character! He has gained cult status across the seven seas and has made a large splash in the ocean of modern music! Have You Got It Yet? is a compilation of unreleased material that is now freely available for all fans of Syd Barrett – across 19 CDs! The HYGIY? project was started by Kiloh Smith at the Laughing Madcaps group. The Laughing Madcaps Syd Barrett Community is the premier and world’s largest Syd Barrett fan organization. Their resources help you attain further knowledge and insight into the reclusive genius! They also have a trading group where people copy CDs for each other and discuss Syd and his work/life. Obtain The Collection You join the Laughing Madcaps Yahoo group and ask somebody to post you a copy of the CDs. You either send them twice as many CDs as is needed and money for postage and packaging (known...

Pink Floyd 1965

Pink Floyd 1965 Their First Recordings on Limited Edition Vinyl – Official

Some excellent news for hardcore Pink Floyd fans and collectors was posted on Pink Floyd’s official website… To mark 50 years since the tracks were recorded, Pink Floyd have released a limited edition set of two 7″ singles, containing the band’s first recordings. Entitled Pink Floyd 1965 – Their First Recordings, the songs include Syd Barrett compositions Lucy Leave, Double O Bo, Remember Me, and Butterfly, coupled with Roger Waters’ Walk With Me Sydney, and I’m A King Bee by Slim Harpo. These recordings have been doing the rounds on unofficial bootleg recordings over many decades and it is great that fans can now buy a version of them in the glorious vinyl format. Many people will be very pleased indeed. The band lineup was the original quartet of Syd Barrett, Roger Waters, Nick Mason and Richard Wright, augmented by Rado Klose on guitar, and, on Walk With Me Sydney,...