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Watch Darkside Animated Video by Aardman Animations

Pink Floyd - Darkside Aardman Animations Video
Pink Floyd – Darkside Aardman Animations Video

As part of the excellent Pink Floyd evening on BBC Radio 2 and 6Music, there is an animated video from Wallace and Gromit creators Aardman Animations.

As a companion to the Darkside radio drama, the video features some stunning images to give a multimedia dimension to the Darkside story.

Pink Floyd, of course, was always a multi media band from the very early days where they would combine their mesmerising and rhythmic sounds with beautiful projections on their stages with the help of gel slides, projectors and the assistance of Mike Leonard.

Link > Watch the video animation below from Aardman Animations.

The video is broadcast live along with the broadcast.

Go Behind The Scenes on Darkside Radio Drama

BBC Radio 2 are to broadcast their Darkside radio drama on Monday 26th August at 10pm with two hours of Pink Floyd related songs beforehand that you get to choose to be played on the Now Playing radio show that is played for the two hours before Darkside.

Anyway… here are some behind the scenes photos from the BBC from the recording of Darkside.