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Roger Waters with Jim Ladd

Jim Ladd Passes Away, Roger Waters Reflects

Jim Ladd, the American disc jockey, radio producer and writer, has passed away from a heart attack on 16th December 2023. Jim Ladd and Roger Waters were involved primarily through their collaboration on Roger Waters’ album “Radio K.A.O.S.,” released in 1987. In this concept album, Jim Ladd’s voice is featured, providing spoken segments and playing a character within the album’s narrative. This inclusion of a real-life radio personality added a layer of authenticity and depth to the album’s exploration of communication and media themes. Beyond “Radio K.A.O.S.,” their professional relationship was marked by mutual respect and shared artistic sensibilities. Ladd was known for his appreciation and understanding of Waters’ music, often featuring it on his radio shows. This helped in bringing Waters’ solo work to a wider audience, especially in the United States where Ladd’s influence in the rock music radio scene was significant. Roger Waters Facebook Response Jim Ladd...

1981 Essex, Syd Barrett with sister Rosemary and mother Winifred

Syd Barrett: The Man Beyond the Myth, with his Sister Rosemary

The Fingal’s Cave Podcast recently granted us a rare and intimate glimpse into the life of the enigmatic Syd Barrett through a personal interview with his sister, Rosemary Breen. The hour-long session delved into a multitude of topics, unravelling some of the mystery that has long shrouded her brother. Its a great interview about Syd Barrett and his story and not to be missed. Syd Barrett the Artist Rosemary painted a picture of Syd not as the quintessential rock star many might assume, but as an artist at his core. “Music was a hobby, the art was him,” she explained, driving home the point that for Barrett, celebrity was an alien concept, something he neither sought after nor understood. Rosemary suggested, “He never wanted celebrity, he didn’t understand it”. Syd’s interactions with music and sound were personal explorations of art, not attempts to top the charts or bask in the...

Richard Wright Sailing on his boat, Evrika around 2001-2007

New Richard Wright Official Website

The late Pink Floyd keyboard player Richard Wright has a new official website set up, presumably by his family. The site has sections covering an “about” the site/project, interviews with and about Rick, music inspired by and most loved by Richard, a very comprehensive breakdown of his equipment through the years and various projects including gear by album, a live section featuring live videos including the beautiful Breakthrough Rick solo song from David GIlmour’s RAH DVD, photography from Rick’s trip across the Atlantic in his boat, and a scrapbook of various images from over the years. Rick’s family say on the Official Richard Wright website… Welcome to the Richard Wright website, a space which aims to offer a unique insight into his musical life. This site doesn’t profess to be a comprehensive or encyclopaedic source of Richard Wright facts and figures or trivia. It is rather somewhere to explore and...

Remembrance of Richard Wright – Three Years On

Remembrance of Richard Wright – Three Years On

Richard Wright passed away three years ago today after a short struggle with cancer. Our thoughts must be with his friends and family. He was a founding member of Pink Floyd and brought to the table excellent musicianship and discipline and helped to define the Pink Floyd Sound throughout his career as a musician. He was also an excellent vocalist and took a lead part of many occasions in the songs of Pink Floyd. It is with sadness that his death is remembered but with thankfulness for the music he helped create. Here are some Richard Wright Photos