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Roger Waters Desktop Extended Display

Roger Waters Under the Rubble – New Album Demos

Roger Waters just posted a video of him recording a new song in Logic Pro, recording software, on his computer. The composition is called Under The Rubble and features the lyrics below. He recorded it at 11:53am on Thursday 28th December and shared it today, the day after. “Papa, I want to go home now, papa please take me home, mama please tell me I’m dreaming, and ill wake up somewhere and I won’t be alone, mama its dark here, dad has stopped breathing, mama mama”. There appears to be another version of his demo on his computer desktop. That one is saved as “Its Dark here mama”. There is also a keffiyeh scarf draped over the computer – a symbol of Palestinian Nationalism. You can watch his video online. Roger Waters New Album 2024? Could there be a new Roger Waters album coming in 2024? We know that David...

Greatest Guitar Solo of All Time - Pink Floyd Win of course!

Pink Floyd Win Greatest Guitar Solo of All Time – listen to the demo recordings

Planet Rock Radio has done an online poll to find the greatest guitar solo of all time. They let fans vote for any song they liked so didn’t limit the choice. The great news is that Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb came in at number one, and that it had nearly 10% of the vote – an astonishing result given the open ended question of which guitar solo is the greatest. The music was composed by David Gilmour during the recording of his solo album in 1978 where he hummed a melody over the top of the music he recorded. You can listen below to his first demo recording. There was also a demo made by Pink Floyd under the working title of The Doctor, which has different lyrics to the final studio version, and Roger Waters added the lyrics to that as part of his rock opera, The Wall, which...

Pink Floyd Animals Wallpaper

Listen to Rare Animals Album Demo Recordings

Three studio quality demo recordings have become available that were made as part of the process of recording Pink Floyd’s Animals album. You can listen to Sheep, Dogs and Pigs below with alternative lyrics and often completely different production.  Sheep, for example, is very similar to “Raving and Drooling” as they used to refer to it when they first started playing it live. Your humble webmaster much prefers the old live version to the final studio recording! Fans were treated to all kinds of alternate takes, demos and live recordings as part of the Immersion Edition released from the band. Check out those if you find these historical articles of interest. Listen and enjoy below, and discuss them on the forum whilst you listen. Sheep (Raving and Drooling) Dogs Pigs (Three Different Ones)

A Fleeting Glimpse of… Pink Floyd’s The Wall Demos

A Fleeting Glimpse of… Pink Floyd’s The Wall Demos

Pre-Order The Wall Immersion Boxset from Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.com Click to enlarge Pink Floyd The Wall Immersion Boxset Old Pink almost caught a fleeting glimpse of something quite terrible in the song Comfortably Numb from The Wall album. But Pink Floyd fans can now definitely catch a fleeting glimpse of something much better from the Immersion Boxset of The Wall album! Two of the seven discs are dedicated to The Wall being under construction and listeners can witness the album evolving from Roger Waters’ original demos (Nick Mason once described them as “the most appalling demos”), through to the band studio production demos and finally to the final studio recordings of the album. Are you ready for a fleeting glimpse of the construction of The Wall? The first 4 discs of The Wall Immersion boxset are two for the remastered album and another two for the live Pink Floyd concert recording of the original Wall. This was...