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Pink Floyd Animals 2018 Cover Image

Pink Floyd The Story of Animals Fan Documentary

Dive deep into the musical universe of Pink Floyd’s 1977 masterpiece Pink Floyd Animals with this comprehensive documentary. Journey back to the band’s 1974 tour, where early renditions of tracks like “Dogs” and “Sheep” first resonated with audiences because of how unique they sounded. The Pink Floyd Animals Tracklist is a collection of amazing songs. Enjoy this fan documentary about it. Leave us a comment telling us what you think below because your thoughts are important to us. This film is not just a walk down memory lane; it’s a rejuvenation of the era with fresh mixes, visually stunning graphics, and hundreds of meticulously restored photographs. Crafted out of sheer admiration and passion for Pink Floyd’s transcendent sounds. Above all, you will hear some great music. About Pink Floyd Animals I think Animals is one of my favourite albums of all time. A classic I believe because it sounds amazing...

Syd Barrett Documentary Have You Got It Yet Car Photoshoot Picture

Syd Barrett Documentary Have You Got It Yet? Finished

Mercury Studios announces the completion of the feature length documentary HAVE YOU GOT IT YET? THE STORY OF SYD BARRETT AND PINK FLOYD, along with producers Believe Media and A Cat Called Rover. The film was directed by award-winning filmmaker Roddy Bogawa and late famed graphic designer Storm Thorgerson. Syd Barrett, one of the founding members of Pink Floyd gave the group their moniker by combining the names of two obscure blues players – Pink Anderson and Floyd Council – and wrote their first two charting singles but was quietly pushed out of the group who were convinced he had suffered an LSD induced psychotic breakdown, replaced by his childhood friend David Gilmour. Subsequently releasing two solo LPs that garnered minor attention though considered by many contemporary musicians as uniquely haunting and poetic, Barrett dropped out of music returning home to Cambridge for the last thirty years of his life...

Pink Floyd A Momentary Lapse of Reason Remix 2021

Pink Floyd’s A Momentary Lapse of Reason, Remixed and Updated. Released October 2021

The remixed A Momentary Lapse of Reason, with less 80s heavy audio processing, has been busted out of the big Later Years boxset and is going to be available, on October 29th, in several formats as detailed below in the article. Order now from Amazon UK or Amazon Worldwide Remixed and updated from the original 1987 master tapes for The Later Years by Andy Jackson with David Gilmour, assisted by Damon Iddins, A Momentary Lapse Of Reason will be available on Vinyl, CD, DVD, Blu-ray and digitally with Stereo and 5.1 mixes and can be ordered Let us know your thoughts on the forum. What New? 360 Reality Audio! In addition, for the first time, the album will be presented in 360 Reality Audio, a new immersive music experience that closely mimics the omni-directional soundscape of live musical performance for the listener using Sony’s object-based 360 Spatial Sound technologies. A Momentary Lapse Of Reason will also...

Pink Floyd Syd Barrett Story

Watch Rare Video Interviews with Pink Floyd – Part of The Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett Story

The director John Edginton has been in touch to kindly share the interview videos he did, largely unedited, with members of Pink Floyd. John used the interviews in the documentary he directed called The Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett Story which was done back in 2001 for the BBC, but later released on DVD in 2003. I think it was also on VH1 earlier than 2003. The videos presented here are longer than those featured as bonus material on the DVD. Syd Barrett himself watched the documentary. According to his sister Rosemary, Syd watched the documentary when it was broadcast on the BBC. He apparently found it “a bit noisy”, although he did enjoy seeing Mike Leonard, who he referred to as his “teacher”. He also enjoyed hearing “See Emily Play” again. [Guardian] Anyway, here are the videos. Watch them and come discuss them on the forum with us. Also,...

World of Syd Barrett BBC Radio 4

Twilight World of Syd Barrett Documentary – Download Now from BBC

The Twilight World of Syd Barrett was broadcast by BBC Radio 4 back in June 2011. If you missed it, it has been dug out of the archives and put online for you to listen to. The programme features one of the last recorded interviews with Rick Wright, appearances from Peter Jenner, David Gilmour and Nick Mason. There’s also a rare chance to hear Syd’s sister Rosemary talking about his life after his return to Cambridge. Hope you enjoy it. – Peter Marsh, BBC