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Listen to Allons-Y (1) from New Pink Floyd Album

Pink Floyd Endless River - Boxset Blu-Ray Version
Pink Floyd Endless River – Boxset Blu-Ray Version

Great news for Pink Floyd fans today is that you can now listen to another Pink Floyd song from their new album The Endless River from official Pink Floyd sources, not nasty bit torrent download sites.

The song Allons-y (1), a very aptly named song which should manage fans expectations as to the type of album we are dealing with here, is available on music streaming service Spotify. You can open a free account on Spotify which is supported by advertising or pay monthly for ad free. If you have pre-ordered on Apple’s iTunes platform, you can download the song there now.

It is not long now until the new Pink Floyd album will be available for us to all listen to and experience. Given that there is only one song on the album that features vocals on Louder Than Words, it is probably worth preparing yourselves for an ambient music album. This is music from the recording of The Division Bell that has been reworked with modern studio equipment and has had over dubs recorded recently. That said, most people will probably be aware of this fact but have ordered the new Pink Floyd album off Amazon regardless and made it the best selling album by pre order sales in Amazon’s history.

Your humble narrator is very much looking forward to hearing it. Are you? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think of Allyons and whether you are looking forward to hearing the new album or not. It’s released on 10th November in most territories and slightly earlier in some countries.

Bandaged Together All You Need is Love MP3 and Video Download

All You Need is Love by the Bandaged Together lot available for MP3 download and watch video.

As previously reported, the Bandaged Together album that has been done by CharityGoods.com for Children in Need 2009 will be released on 9th November 2009. The single All You Need is Love, featuring Nick Mason of Pink Floyd amongst many others, will be available for download on 8th November.

The album will be launched at the BBC Club, Western House on 5th November 2009 and Nick Mason will be in attendance. Get the NPF Newsletter for more details on that when known.

Bandaged Together All You Need is Love Album Single Download MP3 Front Cover