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Roger Waters, Italy 2014,

Roger Waters, Two Days To Remember

ROGER WATERS, TWO DAYS TO REMEMBER. (by The Lunatics) A dip in the memory full of excitement was experienced by Roger Waters at Anzio between 17 and 18 February, on the occasion of the initiatives organized for the 70 years since the Allied Landings, who took the title “If you want peace prepare the Peace.” On Monday afternoon, away from prying eyes, the former Pink Floyd bassist went to the ditch of Moletta, the place where his father Eric Fletcher was victim of the Germans that famous morning of 18 February 1944. Waters has inaugurated a monument of circular shape, in whose center he placed a young olive tree. Along with him stood the mayor of Aprilia and some Italian and foreign military authorities, notably his two “angels”, the veteran Harry Shindler and publisher Emidio Giovannozzi, who, through their research, have shed light on the last hours of life of his...

Roger Waters Italy 2014

Roger Waters Unveils Memorial To Late Father in Italy

Roger Waters has unveiled a memorial in Italy to his late father and other soldiers who were killed in an historic battle during World War Two. The memorial takes the form of a newly-erected white marble obelisk in the town of Aprilia south of Rome. At 11:30am on 18th February 1944, Royal Fusiller Lieutenant Eric Fletcher Waters was killed by the Germans in a ditch near the Italian town of Aprilla. Eric was fighting with comrades in Z Company which is part of the 8th Battalion force of the British Army. Roger Waters, who would go on to so-found Pink Floyd, was just a baby at the time and never got to see his father. Roger would make references to his late father in albums such as The Wall and The Final Cut. “It is 70 years to the day since my father died here and I have finally come to the...