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David Gilmour’s Kids in New Downton Abbey TV Show

Gabriel Gilmour Downton Abbey
Gabriel Gilmour on set of Downton Abbey 2013 (Click to Enlarge)

Two of David Gilmour’s children have landed parts as extras in the hit TV drama Downton Abbey.

The fourth season of the period drama will have eight episodes and will be broadcast in the UK in the autumn on ITV, and early next year on PBS in the United States. There will also be a Christmas special.

The ITV period drama has Gabriel Gilmour, 16 and Romany Gilmour, 11, performing as extras in the hit series which should mean Sunday evening’s at the Gilmour’s Brighton home in the UK should be that much more fun! Filming for the new series started in February 2013 and should be concluding shortly. Picture on right is in Bampton, Oxfordshire.

Downton Abbey has attracted some of the largest TV audiences over the past three series and season four should be equally as popular.

Gabriel Gilmour Downton Abbey
Gabriel Gilmour Downton Abbey

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Roger Waters The Wall DVD | In the Pipeline for 1980’s and 2010’s

Pink Floyd The Wall 1980/1981 DVD in the making
Pink Floyd The Wall 1980/1981 DVD in the making

Back in the 1980’s when Pink Floyd originally toured The Wall live in 1980 and 1981, there was filming at some of the shows direct onto film. However, when watching the film back, Roger Waters was not too impressed with the resulting quality that he was presented with. As such, the films have never seen the light of day besides the occasional clip here and there.

The Wall on DVD

Well, in several interviews over the past few months, Roger and others have been saying that the original film is being worked on with modern tools that can improve the quality much like Pink Floyd’s P.U.L.S.E. got a makeover and re-presented on DVD despite it being filmed to video tape and not the high quality film like the original Wall was filmed to.

Anyway, the current tour in 2011 is being filmed at London’s O2 arena and also in Greece at the end of the tour. Considering that Roger Waters gained sole control of the rights to the wall as part of his settlement when he left Pink Floyd, I should imagine there could be either a single DVD with an excellent feature of an original Wall show on there or, perhaps, a double DVD with lots of materials from both. I would be rather pleased with either of those options.

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