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Prehistoric Flying Reptile Named after Gerald Scarfe

Torydactyl by Gerald Scarfe
Torydactyl by Gerald Scarfe

The satirical cartoonist and Pink Floyd Wall animator Gerald Scarfe has had a prehistoric flying reptile named after him due to his depictions of Lady Thatcher as “Torydactyl”.

The 13in (33cm) long pterosaur, discovered in Kimmeridge Bay, has been named Cuspicephalus scarfi.

Mr Scarfe said: “I’m thrilled and flattered – I never thought Mrs Thatcher would do anything for me – even if it is to be immortalised as a 155-million-year-old fossil.

“I have spent many holidays in Kimmeridge and to think my namesake was buried beneath my feet is wonderfully bizarre.”

You can read more about this on the BBC News website.

Gerald Scarfe in Germany for Tear Down The Wall Exhibition

Once again, something is going on too far away for me to be fussed travelling all the way to!  Gerald Scarfe, who is responsible for all those amazing caracatures featured in Pink Floyd’s The Wall live shows, film and album sleeve, is having an exhibition in Germany of lots of his Pink Floyd things as well as his other political work.

Anyway, here is the news feature on Gerald Scarfe Germany Exhibition Tear Down The Wall.