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David Gilmour Interview on BBC Radio 6 Music. See What It’s About.

David Gilmour will be interviewed by Tom Robinson on BBC radio tomorrow about the first studio album from Pink Floyd in 20 years The Endless River. David will be talking through the music that has influenced him during his life. He will also be discussing the music that has shaped the band Pink Floyd. The programme will be broadcast on BBC Radio 6 Music at 1pm Sunday 30th November 2014. See how to listen. If you are crazy enough not to have bought Pink Floyd’s new album The Endless River yet then see our article about which release formats are available and have a look at Pink Floyd Louder Than Words Lyrics article to see the lyrics to the only song on the album that has lyrics. The rest is a beautiful musical soundscape and the lyrics were written by Polly Samson.

Watch David Gilmour Interview on Later With Jools Holland

David Gilmour made an appearance on Later With Jools Holland on the BBC that you can watch online. He was being interviewed about Pink Floyd’s new album The Endless River which is released in the UK tomorrow 10th November. Your humble narrator has been listening to it all weekend and it’s pretty good if not a little different. You can watch the interview from 16 minutes 30 seconds in. However, there is loads of great music on the show so perhaps even watch the whole thing. The video is there for another 28 days. If you are watching the full show notice that Guy Pratt, who played bass for Pink Floyd after Roger Waters left, is playing bass for Bryan Ferry. Just saying. He’s pretty good.

David Gilmour Interview with Amazon 2014

Watch A New Pink Floyd Interview on Amazon About New Album

A new 9 minute video has been published on Amazon’s website featuring an interview with David Gilmour and Nick Mason. You can watch it, using a desktop computer, at this link. They are discussing the new Pink Floyd Album, The Endless River, which is released in the UK 10th November 2014. It has been released in many countries already including Italy, Germany and other territories. Your humble narrator received a copy today and is about to listen to it for the first time! In the interview, Nick and David talk through the album recording process in terms of how the music came about and how samples were recording during jamming sessions. There is a particular focus on Richard Wright’s contribution to the album. Enjoy the video and leave a comment below.

Roger Waters Wall Live Premiere Toronto

Watch Roger Waters Q&A Session at Toronto Film Festival

Roger Waters The Wall film – a film about his 2010-2013 Live tour of The Wall – had it’s premiere at the Toronto FIlm Festival where Roger Waters treated the media to a questions and answers session. It is also the place that the Wall Live Tour started back in September 2010, a fitting location indeed! You can watch the Q&A session below and also read the review from T-Mak World who attended and filmed the event. Roger said in the interview that he doesn’t know when the film will be released as that is in the hands of the distributors when they are selected – part of the reason for the film being at the film festival NPF presumes. Let’s hope it is this year! Enjoy and share on your Facebook!

Sound & Vision Interview with Nick Mason for Why Pink Floyd

Sound & Vision Interview with Nick Mason for Why Pink Floyd

Sound & Vision’s Mike Mettler interviewed Nick Mason at Hayden Planetarium in NYC at the Capitol Records launch of Why Pink Floyd. The November issue of the audiophile magazine will feature the fruits of his labour! Here is an excerpt… “This is one case where the record company got it right.” So assessed Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason last night at an exclusive launch party at the Rose Center for Earth and Space at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. Mason was addressing the crowd about EMI’s massive Why Pink Floyd? campaign before our select group was ushered up into the Hayden Planetarium to experience the “interplanetary playback” of a previously unreleased performance of The Dark Side of the Moon in its entirety at Empire Pool at Wembley in London on November 16, 1974. The initial installments of the Why? campaign — Discovery editions of 14 remastered...

Guy Pratt Q&A Session – Pink Floyd Bassist Answers Your Questions

Guy Pratt Q&A Session – Pink Floyd Bassist Answers Your Questions

Links – Discuss Guy’s answers on the NPF Forum | Lots of info about Guy on Wikipedia | Guy Pratt’s Website | Info on Breakfast of Idiots tour with interview for NPF | Guy Pratt, the session musician who has played bass guitar for Pink Floyd since Roger Waters left in the 80’s, kindly agreed to answer questions from NPF visitors! Well, ten lucky people got their questions put forward and his answers are below. Guy has worked with many people over the years including The Smiths, Madonna, Roxy Music and Michael Jackson.  Guy has also just completed his Australian stand-up comedy tour called Breakfast of Idiots. Judging from Guy’s answers below, he is quite eager to find a promoter in the USA! Q&A 1. Who offered you the Floyd gigs and why did you accept them? Ddebil David asked me if I wanted to do it. I probably accepted because it was the best offer I’d ever had being a lifelong Floyd...