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Richard Wright Sailing on his boat, Evrika around 2001-2007

New Richard Wright Official Website

The late Pink Floyd keyboard player Richard Wright has a new official website set up, presumably by his family. The site has sections covering an “about” the site/project, interviews with and about Rick, music inspired by and most loved by Richard, a very comprehensive breakdown of his equipment through the years and various projects including gear by album, a live section featuring live videos including the beautiful Breakthrough Rick solo song from David GIlmour’s RAH...

Pink Floyd The Wall 30th Anniversary Edition DVD or CD

Pink Floyd The Wall 30th Anniversary Edition DVD or CD

It will be the 30th Anniversary of the release of Pink Floyd’s The Wall in November 2009 which is only a couple of months away now.  It would therefore be very fitting if a re-release of The Wall was issued to the fans.  But, instead of just rehashing what already existed and adding a new booklet and charging loads of money for it, it would be nice if there was some new material.  Hence an...