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Storm Thorgerson and David Gilmour [Pic: Jill Furmanovsky]

The Development of Pink Floyd’s Large Rock Sound Systems: Volume 3 Out Now

Chris Hewitt from Cheshire, England, has the UK’s largest collection of Vintage audio equipment has has been documenting his experience with the development of large rock sound systems over the past few years in a 3 volume set of books. This includes the various stages of development of Pink Floyd’s sound systems. Pink Floyd set up their own sound hire company Britannia Row where you can rent professional equipment. When he it not too busy running CH Vintage Audio, doing things like providing equipment to the Elton John Rocket man Movie for example, he is working on the 4th volume. You can order the 3rd volume which is out now from here. The Need for Loud! In the olden days, there was no amplification as there was no electricity! But pretty soon, following the invention of the drum kit in the USA (side note: watch Stuart Copeland BBC documentary on...

An Interview With The Nice’s Davy O’List By Keith Jordan & Davy O’List

An Interview With The Nice’s Davy O’List By Keith Jordan & Davy O’List

Davy O’List formerly from the band The Nice (with ELP keyboardist Keith Emerson) and The Attack is a man of many talents and has worked with some great people throughout his career. Whilst on tour with The Nice as part of the Jimi Hendrix Experience Tour between November and December 1967, Davy helped out with lead guitar for The Pink Floyd when Syd Barrett was unable to play due to drugs, symptoms of schizophrenia and perhaps his “no rules” attitude to life! Shortly after in January 1968, David Gilmour joined Pink Floyd. Davy has been kind enough to do an interview with NPF about his past and his future.  He is currently working on his new bands self-titled album “Second Thoughts” (as of 2006). Grab yourself a coffee and enjoy the trip! ——————————————————— 1. The Attack was a short-lived yet very interesting outfit deriving from the sixties psychedelic experiment. Do tell...