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EMI Tape Box Folio Pink Floyd 6

Pink Floyd The Dark Side of the Moon EMI Tape Box Folio – Side One

Collectors with some spare cash knocking about will be very pleased to learn that Abbey Road Studios Store has a wonderful and limited edition item available from 5th March 2021 (pre-orders taken). Best get in there quick before they are all gone! This does appear to be a box with no recording in. Discuss on the forum. Here is a...

Pink Floyd Later Years 1987-2019 Review

Review: Pink Floyd Later Years 1987-2019 Box set

Well, that was an amazing journey across the entire contents of the new Pink Floyd Later Years box set! I have digested audio CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray, not to mention all kinds of memorabilia goodies and just being in general awe of the box and its presentation in general. This article is my general reaction to what I have witnessed, random...

1972 Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii

Pink Floyd Stories and Secrets, Italian Fan Convention

In addition to the official Pink Floyd Exhibition – Their Mortal Remains in Sep-Oct 2014, Italy is also host to an un-official fan convention called Pink Floyd Stories and SecretsĀ on 29-30 March 2014. Some of the world’s greatest rarities of the group will be exhibited for the first time, featuring hundreds of original historical documents relating to the band. In...