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Pink Floyd News

Pink Floyd News is few and far between now that they are not a touring band nor releasing new material in the form of studio albums. This is a consequence of being a fan of “old music”. This is a terrible shame. I would like nothing more than to report the Pink Floyd news that Roger Waters has joined old band mates Nick Mason and David Gilmour to do another Pink Floyd album in 2012/2013. Now that would be excellent Pink Floyd news indeed!

Due to Pink Floyd news being hard to come by, I am sure many of you would like to find out as soon as things are announced. There are three main methods to do this. There is Pink Floyd News on our homepage, our Pink Floyd News Letter and Pink Floyd Social Media for news on Twitter and Facebook.

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Roger Waters 2010 Tour Tickets Announcement Page

When the Roger Waters 2010 Tour Concert Tickets does get announced, they will appear on the upcoming concerts page that I just finished adding to the concert database.

https://www.neptunepinkfloyd.co.uk/pfcdb … coming.php

The “next three” concerts will also appear on the concert database home page.


And I am working on adding ticket info to the concert pages and allowing people to leave comments etc. on concert pages. Just thought I would share that with you.