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Syd Barrett Documentary Have You Got It Yet Car Photoshoot Picture

Syd Barrett Documentary Have You Got It Yet? Finished

Mercury Studios announces the completion of the feature length documentary HAVE YOU GOT IT YET? THE STORY OF SYD BARRETT AND PINK FLOYD, along with producers Believe Media and A Cat Called Rover. The film was directed by award-winning filmmaker Roddy Bogawa and late famed graphic designer Storm Thorgerson. Syd Barrett, one of the founding members of Pink Floyd gave the group their moniker by combining the names of two obscure blues players – Pink Anderson and Floyd Council – and wrote their first two charting singles but was quietly pushed out of the group who were convinced he had suffered an LSD induced psychotic breakdown, replaced by his childhood friend David Gilmour. Subsequently releasing two solo LPs that garnered minor attention though considered by many contemporary musicians as uniquely haunting and poetic, Barrett dropped out of music returning home to Cambridge for the last thirty years of his life...

The Lyrics of Syd Barrett Book 2021 Rob Chapman featured

The Lyrics of Syd Barrett Book Feb 21 by Rob Chapman

Omnibus Press will release The Lyrics of Syd Barrett book next year on 18th February and will be available in all good bookstores including Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com. It is an official book. The book has had the involvement of Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour who has been carefully checking the lyrics that are included in the book. He mentioned it on his “Von Trapped” family broadcast he has been doing on Covid Lockdown. The book is beautifully illustrated. Syd of course was the driving force of Pink Floyd when the band was established. It was his songs that firmly established the band on the underground scene and set the tone for decades to come. Syd was also overly fond of LSD amongst other drugs and this, along with schizophrenia, meant that he drifted away from Pink Floyd – a collection of young lads that wanted to be pop stars –...

World of Syd Barrett BBC Radio 4

Twilight World of Syd Barrett Documentary – Download Now from BBC

The Twilight World of Syd Barrett was broadcast by BBC Radio 4 back in June 2011. If you missed it, it has been dug out of the archives and put online for you to listen to. The programme features one of the last recorded interviews with Rick Wright, appearances from Peter Jenner, David Gilmour and Nick Mason. There’s also a rare chance to hear Syd’s sister Rosemary talking about his life after his return to Cambridge. Hope you enjoy it. – Peter Marsh, BBC