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Roger Waters with Jim Ladd

Jim Ladd Passes Away, Roger Waters Reflects

Jim Ladd, the American disc jockey, radio producer and writer, has passed away from a heart attack on 16th December 2023. Jim Ladd and Roger Waters were involved primarily through their collaboration on Roger Waters’ album “Radio K.A.O.S.,” released in 1987. In this concept album, Jim Ladd’s voice is featured, providing spoken segments and playing a character within the album’s narrative. This inclusion of a real-life radio personality added a layer of authenticity and depth to the album’s exploration of communication and media themes. Beyond “Radio K.A.O.S.,” their professional relationship was marked by mutual respect and shared artistic sensibilities. Ladd was known for his appreciation and understanding of Waters’ music, often featuring it on his radio shows. This helped in bringing Waters’ solo work to a wider audience, especially in the United States where Ladd’s influence in the rock music radio scene was significant. Roger Waters Facebook Response Jim Ladd...

Roger Waters: KAOS FM 1987: Live Radio Broadcast on Spotify

Roger Waters Radio KAOS Live on Spotify

As highlighted on Roger Waters’ official YouTube page, a selection of songs from the live broadcast of Radio Waves, recorded at Colisée De Québec, Canada, on 7th November 1987, has made its way officially onto Spotify. it is calle Roger Waters: KAOS FM 1987: Live Radio Broadcast. There are 8 songs in total giving 49 minutes of the live performance which has been a favourite amongst bootleggers over the years. Pink Floyd recently released a load of old bootlegs on Spotify, presumably due to copyright reasons. It seems the fashionable thing to do these days as loads of other artists are getting in on the act too. Bootlegs have long been a Pink Floyd fan’s interest with hundreds of the recordings existing with varying quality. The bootlegs, often called Records of Indeterminate Origin or RoIOs, often showcase what was new material at the time and you can hear how songs...