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Animals Release Date June 2022

Pink Floyd Animals 2022 Release Date

The remix of Pink Floyd’s Animals album has been suffering from a serious delay in being released since 2018 due to the arguments over the liner notes. However, it would seem there is an end in sight in terms of the official release date of this much anticipated record. At the Los Angeles incarnation of the Mortal Remains immersive exhibition, there is a little display with a plaque with details of the release date on....

David Gilmour New Album Rattle That Lock

David Gilmour’s New Song to be Played in Full on BBC Radio

David Gilmour’s new song Rattle That Lock from his new album with the same title will be played on BBC Radio 2 in the UK this coming Friday 17th July 2015. The Breakfast Show is broadcast between 6:30am and 9:30am with David’s new album title track being broadcast at 8:10am GMT. It will be hosted by DJ Sara Cox. You can listen live online from answhere in the world via the Radio 2 website. You...