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Syd Barrett Auction - Cheffins - Lot 156 - Syd Barrett interest: A VIP invitation poster for 'A Celebration' at the Cambridge Corn Exchange

Syd Barrett Auction October 2023

Syd Barrett auction at Cheffins in the UK features several rare items. Collectors and fans alike may be interested in these. They will be sold by the Cheffin’s Fine Art Division from a catalogue called The Art and Design Sale. Its on from 10am on Thursday 26th October 2023. I have included details of the lots below, along with descriptions, for you to peruse. To make a bid, go over to Cheffins auction page. Alternatively, to view the catalogue, click Pages on the bottom right of this page, then sideways scrollbar to page 50/51 spread. Syd Barrett’s Original Auction Cheffins were the auction house that sold Syd Barrett’s possessions following his death in 2006. There were all kinds of weird and wonderful items in that auction. Of particular interest to me was the surviving artwork of Syd Barrett. Syd used to paint a painting, photograph it, then burn the original....