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Pink Floyd TikTok Social Media Account

Pink Floyd on TikTok

Pink Floyd is now on TikTok. No! This isn’t some kind of new drug, but the social media platform that the younger kids have been pushed to – since all the parents invaded Facebook and made it uncool! You can take a look at their account here. Although be warned, giving too much attention to social media is probably bad for you! Play outside.

Roger Waters Announcement

Roger’s Video about David Not Sharing Pink Floyd Website and Social Media

It would seem the disagreements between Roger Waters and David Gilmour are hotting up again as Roger has posted a new video online having a go at the fact David won’t let Roger publicise his tours, videos etc on the Pink Floyd website and social media accounts. However, the accounts routinely share readings from Novels from David’s wife and other material not connected to Pink Floyd. Roger said, amongst other things: “Why do we have to sit and watch Polly Samson for year after year, month after month, day after day, and the Von Trapps reading us excerpts from their novels, to get us to go to sleep at night? And that’s a very good question. And yet we don’t get to hear about anything that Roger is doing, or about this is not a drill, or when he makes a piece of work it is not shown.” What are...