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Pink Floyd Bootlegs Streaming

Pink Floyd Bootlegs on Streaming Platforms

Pink Floyd Music Limited has discreetly released a load of Pink Floyd RoIO’s (Record of Illegitimate/Indeterminate Origin) on streaming services like Spotify, in what is probably a move to elongate the copyright claim to their earlier albums, given that copyright expires after 70 years if the work has not been used. The PF Music Limited company owns the back catalogue I think before Roger left, and has Roger Waters, David Gilmour and Nick Mason as its owners. It is a separate entity to Pink Floyd (1987) Limited which Gilmour and Mason own. Regarding Bob Dylan material, an employee of Sony Music said in 2012, “The copyright law in Europe was recently extended from 50 to 70 years for everything recorded in 1963 and beyond. With everything before that, there’s a new ‘Use It or Lose It’ provision. It basically said, ‘If you haven’t used the recordings in the first 50...

Jon Carin on Stage

Jon Carin Releases Two New Songs, Listen Now

Jon Carin has been part of the Pink Floyd family for over 30 years. His credits include writing material for Pink Floyd like co-writing Learning to Fly and A Momentary Lapse of Reason. He has also played with the band extensively including at the legendary reunion concert in London’s Hyde Park where Roger Waters joined his old band mates and made lots of fans very happy. He has also been on the road extensively with both David Gilmour and was supposed to be on Roger’s 2020 This Is Not A Drill tour which, of course, was postponed to 2021 due to the Coronavirus. Listen to Jon’s Excellent Songs… Jon, however, has not sat idle during downtime. He has been busy in the studio crafting two rather excellent songs which are available on Spotify and YouTube below. The songs are called Like a Drug and Fear of Everything. Like a Drug...

Syd Barrett Music Streaming on Spotify

Syd Barrett Music Streaming on Spotify

Pink Floyd co-founder Syd Barrett has been added to online music streaming website Spotify. His music joins Pink Floyd, Roger Waters and David Gilmour so that the back catalogue can now be enjoyed by young people who consume music digitally, but it also allows some of you older dinosaurs to listen anywhere anytime without carrying your gramophone around with you! Spotify has a free music download/streaming option supported by adverts. Or you can pay for no adverts at £9.99 per month and listen on any device, including your Smart TV. Find our more. You can watch a brief advert from Spotify below.