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Roger Waters The Wall Live Film

Roger Waters The Wall Movie in Cinemas This Year

Roger Waters The Wall Movie is set to be shown in selected cinemas in a special event this year after fans have waited for much time to see it! The film was recorded on Roger Waters The Wall Tour 2010-13 which was seen by four million fans across the world. The film has three parts covering an immersive concert experience of the classic Pink Floyd album, a road movie of Waters’ reckoning with the past and as a stirring anti-war film, highlighting the human cost of conflict. Roger goes on a pilgrimage to explore the impact of war on his own family – in February 2014 Roger Waters visited Italy where his father was killed in World War Two. This event has shaped many of the songs Roger has written over the years and no doubt has had a significant influence on his political views which often cause controversy. The photo above shows Roger on a...

5 Man Pink Floyd from the early days

Pink Floyd in Cambridge Radio Documentary

BBC Radio Cambridge have a programme for you to listen to called “Pink Floyd in Cambridge”. The 60 minute radio programme tells the story of Pink Floyd from the early days in Cambridge where Syd Barrett and the others were to form the band Pink Floyd. The programme includes exclusive interviews with Jenny Spires who went out with Syd Barrett in the 60s, Warren Dosanjh who went to school with Syd and Roger Waters, and Wilf Scott who was a pyro-technician on Pink Floyd’s “In The Flesh” tour. It was broadcast for the first time yesterday and you can listen again on the BBC iPlayer to catch up. It is also broadcast a second time this Wednesday 1st January 2014 on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire at 1pm GMT. May I take this opportunity to wish you all the best for the New Year ahead. I am hoping for new albums from...