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The Wall Movie by Pink Floyd

The Wall Movie by Pink Floyd is a British musical film directed by Alan Parker, released in 1982, with animated segments by political cartoonist Gerald Scarfe. It’s based on Pink Floyd’s 1979 album “The Wall.” The making of the film was a considerable endeavour. It entailed 61 long and arduous days of shooting, which involved 977 shots, 4,885 takes, and 350,000 feet of film. Gerald Scarfe’s animation in the film, which comprises more than 15 minutes of its runtime, required more than 10,000 drawings. The process of editing was a mammoth task that spanned eight months. The movie has a runtime of 1 hour and 35 minutes, and it received an IMDb rating of 8.0/10. It’s categorized as a drama, fantasy, and music genre film, depicting the descent of a troubled rock star into madness amid his physical and social isolation from everyone. The character of Pink is portrayed by...

Roger Waters The Wall Live Film

Roger Waters The Wall Movie in Cinemas This Year

Roger Waters The Wall Movie is set to be shown in selected cinemas in a special event this year after fans have waited for much time to see it! The film was recorded on Roger Waters The Wall Tour 2010-13 which was seen by four million fans across the world. The film has three parts covering an immersive concert experience of the classic Pink Floyd album, a road movie of Waters’ reckoning with the past and as a stirring anti-war film, highlighting the human cost of conflict. Roger goes on a pilgrimage to explore the impact of war on his own family – in February 2014 Roger Waters visited Italy where his father was killed in World War Two. This event has shaped many of the songs Roger has written over the years and no doubt has had a significant influence on his political views which often cause controversy. The photo above shows Roger on a...