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Pink Floyd Exhibition in Milan Cancelled – Mortal Remains Exhibition

Original postponment notice now becomes cancellation for Pink Floyd Exhibition [pic: Cymbaline.it ]
Original postponment notice now becomes cancellation for Pink Floyd Exhibition [pic: Cymbaline.it ]
The ambitious Pink Floyd exhibition in Milan, Italy called “The Pink Floyd Exhibition – Their Mortal Remains”, has officially been cancelled by the promoters Evolve Devolve.

For those people who have booked flights and hotels there could either be a lot of disappointment or an exciting holiday in Italy planned. Your humble narrator almost booked tickets and would be most annoyed with the cancellation, but make the most of the situation and have a great trip anyway. Who knows, someone may set up a big fan meetup or something. Not quite compensation though.

The official statement:  Evolve Devolve, the Italian promoters of “The Pink Floyd Exhibition – Their Mortal Remains”, have announced today that the exhibition, due to take place from September 19th in Milan, has now been cancelled because the necessary conditions have not occurred in order to make it happen within the time frame available at the Fabbrica del Vapore. (These conditions have nothing to do with Milan’s Municipality).

Ticket holders for the exhibition should seek refunds from their point of purchase according to the procedures already communicated.

So, there you go. Perhaps you can console yourself slightly by listening to Pink Floyd’s new song Louder Than Words either in the official EPK or the full song at BBC Radio 2 website and scroll to 1hr 11mins (may not work outside of UK or correct proxy server!).

Pink Floyd Exhibition in Italy Postponed

The official Pink Floyd Exhibition Their Mortal Remains, which was due to start on 18th September 2014, has been postponed due to production delays.

This will no doubt cause much disruption to many fans who have made plans to travel to Italy from around the world and have booked flights and hotels etcetera.

According to the Italian promoters of the event Evolve Devolve, “building the complex Exhibition to the required specification has made it impossible to make the opening date”.

Tickets have been taken off sale for the time being whilst new dates are announced. Alternatively, fans can have their tickets refunded at the point of purchase.

Please stay tuned for when the new dates are announced and perhaps read the official announcement on Pink Floyd’s Facebook page. I imagine the decision was not taken lightly given the impact this will have on thousands of people who have booked all around the world.

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