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Pink Floyd Birthdays Members and Touring Musicians

Pink Floyd Birthdays in Chronological Order

Pink Floyd birthdays are listed below. These cover the primary band members, touring and session musicians, and backing singers. There are many more people in the Pink Floyd family who have made great things happen in many ways. So this is not an exhaustive list by any stretch of the imagination. I would list the names of all the fans around the world if I could because us lot made them famous. Without us, they would be nothing! haha Here’s a list of the primary members of Pink Floyd, as well as some of the more significant touring musicians, along with their birth dates: Pink Floyd Primary Members Pink Floyd birthdays for the main members. The date of death is also noted in addition to d.o.b Pink Floyd Touring Session Musicians Birthdays The Pink Floyd Backing Singers Birthdays Pink Floyd utilized several backing vocalists, especially during their live performances. Some...

Pink Floyd Delicate Sound of Thunder : Trafalgar Releasing Cinema

Delicate Sound of Thunder – Worldwide Cinema Release October

UPDATE: Unfortunately the cinema release for 15th October has been cancelled. Cinema distribution company Trafalgar Releasing announced the release of the restored, re-edited and remixed version of Delicate Sound of Thunder in cinemas around the world for a one-night-only event. This was originally scheduled for Thursday 15th October 2020 but has been postponed – we are waiting for the rescheduled date. Screenings of the 90-minute, 4K feature will take place subject to local venue COVID-19 measures, and tickets will be on sale from Thursday 27th August, with local screening details searchable at DelicateSoundOfThunder.com Some theatres are able to offer a specially-created Dolby Atmos mix, but please note that dates are subject to change based on the status of local cinema re-openings. Delicate Sound of Thunder was filmed a year into the triumphant record-breaking Momentary Lapse of Reason tour at the Nassau Coliseum in Long Island, New York. Although the actual...

Tim Renwick’s New Album Vintage Blues Guitar

Tim Renwick’s New Album Vintage Blues Guitar

Pink Floyd sideman Tim Renwick has a new album out called Vintage Blues Guitar. It is available online from CD Baby or you can buy directly from Tim’s website. Tim has played guitar as a support/session musician for some years and you can read all about the amazing bands Tim has worked with over the years over on his website Chronology. A rather impressive timeline I am sure you will agree. There is some rather excellent guitar playing on the album as one would expect from such a respected guitarist. If you are in to your blues then you should certainly get yourself a copy of this self published album. It follows on from Tim’s Privateer album out a few years ago. Here is the tracklisting…. 1 Mr Big Noise 2 Carolina 3 Mississippi Mist 4 Rolling Rock 5 Straight, No Chaser 6 What`s Up Doc? 7 Black Day At Jenkins Creek 8...