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Roger Waters The Wall Tour 2010 Announcement

I am happy to have just received an email from Roger Waters manager concerning the news last year that Roger Waters was considering touring his rock opera The Wall in 2010/2011.  Well, his manager said there will be an announcement on Monday 12th April 2010 on Roger’s new website whi, from memory, is also to feature information about Pink Floyd on it too!

Roger Waters The Wall Tour 2010 Announcement

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Roger Waters 2010 Tour Tickets Announcement Page

When the Roger Waters 2010 Tour Concert Tickets does get announced, they will appear on the upcoming concerts page that I just finished adding to the concert database.

https://www.neptunepinkfloyd.co.uk/pfcdb … coming.php

The “next three” concerts will also appear on the concert database home page.


And I am working on adding ticket info to the concert pages and allowing people to leave comments etc. on concert pages. Just thought I would share that with you.