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Roger Waters Us+Them Chart Position Was…

Roger Waters
Roger Waters on stage for Us + Them Tour

Roger Waters’ Us + Them UK Chart position has come in at quite a surprising position this week as it entered the UK charts.

The recording was made available in visual formats including bluray, DVD and 4k streaming. The audio was also made available as MP3, music streaming, vinyl and CD. Grab a copy.

The UK album charts has Us+Them in a number 9 in its debut week. You may recall that the drummer’s album came in at number five a couple of weeks ago. It is anyone’s guess as to what Roger will think about that!

Personally, I bought the bluray as I wanted to watch the concert as it was a visually stunning as it was musically. Really fantastic show, I was lucky enough to see it in Liverpool. I didn’t buy the CD or vinyl. Perhaps many others did this so, as far as I know, that wouldn’t therefore be counted in the UK Album charts.

Amazon had it as number 1 best selling music bluray of crouse which validates the theory that more people want to see it rather than hear it.

What are your thoughts on the chart positioning this week? Or the recording itself? Leave a comment.


Roger Waters Us+Them Concert Film Released Today – Order and Watch Some Online

Roger Waters Us + Them Bluray 4K DVD
Roger Waters Us + Them Blu Ray 4K DVD

Roger Waters does not do things by half. That is certain. His tours just keep getting better and better. The Us + Them tour was exceptional and, for those who attended, I am sure most would agree that is was visually stunning and sounded amazing too!

In case you missed the tour, or simply want to relive it, this is a must get release! You don’t want to be looking back through grainy camera phone videos, you need stunning professional 4K bluray and DVD quality!

The concert film runs for 2 hours and 15 minutes and is currently number 1 in the Amazon blu-ray chart, and rightly so!

Treat yourself to a copy from Amazon.co.uk or for the rest of the world Amazon.com.

Watch Us + Them Online

Here are a selection of official videos that Roger has shared on Youtube to enjoy.

Us and Them


Deja Vu