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Polly Samson and David Gilmour

David Gilmour and Polly Samson Rolling Stone Interview (New album, Tour, Roger Argument)

David Gilmour, and his long time collaborator and lyricist Polly Samson, have done an interview with Rolling Stone magazine which you can read online. The interview focuses on Polly’s work on her novel A Theatre for Dreamers, but also covers lots of other ground including the dispute surrounding Animals 2018 remix which “David’s former lyricist” Roger Waters had things to say about. David Gilmour vs Roger Waters Lets get this element of the story out the way first, then we can focus on happier thoughts. Given all the suffering going on in the world, its a bit daft to be bickering like this. Put “credit” and “ego” to one side and focus on the future! It says in the Rolling Stone interview that it was done in “late May” and then published on 7th June. As we know, Roger went berserk on 1st June regarding the liner notes issue for...

Pink Floyd Animals 5.1 Remix 2018

Animals 5.1 & Stereo Remixes to be Released Soon, Plus Roger’s Broadside on David Gilmour

The much delayed 5.1 remix of Pink Floyd’s Animals album is due to be released soon much to our relief. The project has been sat on a shelf according to Roger Waters in his latest video update on the project. Apparently the liner notes written by Mark Blake, and edited by Roger, did not get the approval from David Gilmour that Roger was looking for. Hence the project, due in 2018, is now ready for release without the liner notes included as a compromise. For those interested to see what the liner notes said, Roger has shared them, along with some information about the memoirs he is working on. Roger attacked David and Polly last year about the “Von Trapped” business and him not being allowed to access the 30 million followers on Facebook that the official Pink Floyd account has. Roger has done a little more attacking in his...

Roger Waters Announcement

Roger’s Video about David Not Sharing Pink Floyd Website and Social Media

It would seem the disagreements between Roger Waters and David Gilmour are hotting up again as Roger has posted a new video online having a go at the fact David won’t let Roger publicise his tours, videos etc on the Pink Floyd website and social media accounts. However, the accounts routinely share readings from Novels from David’s wife and other material not connected to Pink Floyd. Roger said, amongst other things: “Why do we have to sit and watch Polly Samson for year after year, month after month, day after day, and the Von Trapps reading us excerpts from their novels, to get us to go to sleep at night? And that’s a very good question. And yet we don’t get to hear about anything that Roger is doing, or about this is not a drill, or when he makes a piece of work it is not shown.” What are...