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Syd Barrett - City Wakes - Charity Logo - London 2010

The life, art and music of Syd Barrett will again be celebrated, this time at “The City Wakes 2010” festival in London later this year in support of the charity Escape Artists, who use arts to promote mental wellbeing and social inclusion. Planning for the event is well underway, and you can register to be kept informed by visiting

This exhibition of art, photography and letter will be bigger and better than the last “Syd Barrett – The City Wakes” held in Cambridge (see Brain Damage article) – not only do the organisers again have the support of Syd’s sister, Rosemary, but also they have pledges from several old friends of Syd’s and art owners to show previously unseen pieces. They also have pledges to loan two considerable collections of letters.

However, the intention is to mount the most comprehensive display of Syd’s work, and also, with the expert input of Will Shutes (assistant editor at “The London Magazine”), to provide some serious art interpretation. There will be twice the gallery space as previously, and will be using more innovative and attractive display techniques as well. This should be a real treat!

City Wakes Needs You

Do you have any original works by Syd, letters from him, or rare photographs of, or by him that throw light on his thoughts and actions that you can loan?  But why loan your private pieces, you may ask? Brian Wernham, the curator of the art exhibition says: “There are 4 reasons for those that are lucky enough to own ‘Syd’ artworks to offer them for loan for the exhibition. There are advantages to the owners of such work in loaning their work, which is why I will be loaning 6 ‘Syd’ pieces myself:

1. It is great to spread ‘the word’ about Syd’s creative abilities (not just music) to a new generation of admirers
2. Beautiful art should be seen by as many as possible not hidden away
3. There are hidden connections in his art that can be seen when they are placed next to each other (as will be demonstrated at the exhibition)
4. The provenance of items will be strengthened by inclusion in the official exhibition catalogue (forgery and bad resales of some artists on eBay is becoming a real problem).”

To all owners: please contact Brian at [email protected] This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it so that he can discuss the exhibition with you further! We’ll naturally have more information on the 2010 event as it draws closer, and details are firmed up.

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Photo Gallery: Have a look at some of Syd Barrett’s Artwork

Source [ Brian Wernham, City Wakes ]