The Dark Side of the Half Moon

A new comedy play is being put on at The Customs House Theatre in South Shields, England [Newcastle] called The Dark Side Of The Half Moon. The press release is below followed by some information about the production and those behind it. I (NPF webmaster) will most likely attend the show as they have Floyd tunes and all sorts of references that will keep me happy! Read on.

Press Release

The Dark Side of the Half Moon, We would like your help to spread the word about this cracking new comedy-thriller, which was inspired by a fanatical love of Pink Floyd.You don’t have to know the music of Pink Floyd to enjoy the play, but it makes it so much cooler if you do. Not only is the music been used as a backdrop to the action, but one of the characters is a huge Floyd fan, and there are some great references that only fellow Floyd fans will get! For years a bunch of ex-shipyard workers have drunk in their local pub the Half Moon – a traditional fleapit of an English pub. But all is about to change when the landlord decides the Half Moon is to become a trendy café bar. Appalled at this new initiative, the locals revolt….Written by National TV Comedy Award nominees Brian Walsh & Neil Armstrong, this is a very funny play for anyone who has an affection for the traditional old boozer! I know Pink Floyd fans are very loyal and web-literate, so anything you can do to circulate this around your friends and colleagues would be much appreciated.

The facts and figures are:

The Customs House Theatre
Mill Dam
South Shields
NE33 1ES

Wednesday 23 – Saturday 26 October, 7.30pm
Tickets : £7 (£5 conc)Box Office 0191 4541234

Or visit


Information about the production

A Comedy Thriller by Neil Armstrong & Brian Walsh.


The Half Moon is an old, traditional North East Pub. Situated near the once-thriving shipyards it has degenerated into a faded, tatty, old-fashioned shadow of its’ former glory. It is now frequented by only a handful of ex-shipyard workers who treat it as a comfortable second home. But things are about to change.
The Half Moon has a new owner, TREVOR and he has a history with the regulars. He doesn’t like them. He despises them and he is determined to drive them out of his pub by doing something he knows they will hate – i.e. Bringing it up to date – a theme pub – a café bar – for families!


Naturally the regulars, led by their self proclaimed leader and “Voice of the punters”, TOMMY rebel. A plot is hatched to disrupt AND FRUSTRATE Trevor’s PLANS. But as the hours pass by on a hot tempestuous night old grudges emerge, long hidden secrets come back to haunt the group and a shadow descends over the pub. Images of MURDER and BLACK MISDEEDS prompt questions. Is the answer to these questions the darkest secret of all? The regulars are determined to find the truth but at what cost?


But the regulars are just that – Regular Joes. Not a homes or Watson in sight. With all the finesse of an elephant in heat they blunder towards the truth, fueled by alcohol and stupidity they make Inspector Clouseau seem like Miss Marples – They wouldn’t know a red-herring if it was served up on a plate of bordelaise sauce.
But will TREVOR see what they are up to? Can he keep his secret and will he be consumed by murderous rage if he is cornered?


Neil Armstrong and Brian Walsh have a long C.V. of success from Cabaret to Panto to T.V. Comedy (Their network T.V. series “Adam’s Family Tree” was nominated for “Best Comedy Drama” by both The Writers Guild of Great Britain and The National Comedy Awards) – Laughs are guaranteed. And what’s more when they want to hit a target, like the destruction of the English Pub, it stays hit. So come into the last bastion of English Pubishness, have a drink in a theatre whilst you watch a cracking comedy set in a pub and prepare to laugh yourself sober at this thoroughly entertaining comedy thriller.


The play features incidental music from perhaps the most famous album of the seventies – Pink Floyd’s “The Dark Side of the Moon”. Why? It’s simple; one of the regulars “JESUS” (no relation) has commandeered the Half Moon’s jukebox and has filled it with his entire Pink Floyd C.D. collection. For the past thirty years he hasn’t let anyone listen to anything else.


NEIL ARMSTRONG directs the play. No stranger to the Custom’s House, Neil directed the smash hit musical “Tom & Catherine” last year (Written by Tom Kelly and Ray Spencer with music from John Miles) as well as two of the funniest plays ever staged at the Theatre – “The Tupperware Party” and “Two Daft Lasses in a boat (Written by Jan McBride). The cast are assembled from the professional actors who have graced the Customs House Stage over the years and perhaps a few new faces into the bargain. Details to be announced shortly.

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