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The Grand Vizier’s Garden Party Parts I, II, & III (Mason) Part I :59, Part II 7:06, Part III :40


01. Astronomy Domine
02. Careful With That Axe Eugene
03. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
04. Saucerful Of Secrets
05. Sysyphus
06. Grantchester Meadows
07. Several Species Of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together…
08. Narrow Way
09. Grand Vizier’s Garden Party

About The Song

“The Grand Vizier’s Garden Party” is a three-part instrumental suite composed by Pink Floyd’s drummer Nick Mason for the album “Ummagumma.” It is a piece that often goes overlooked but is a remarkable example of Mason’s experimentation with music and sound.

“The Grand Vizier’s Garden Party” serves as a showcase for Nick Mason’s compositional skills and his capacity for sonic innovation within Pink Floyd. Comprised of three segments – “Part I: Entrance,” “Part II: Entertainment,” and “Part III: Exit” – the suite takes the listener through a musical narrative that reflects the grandeur and whimsy suggested by its title.

In “Part I: Entrance,” Mason introduces the piece with a variety of percussion instruments, creating a welcoming, almost ceremonial atmosphere. It’s a complex overture that sets the tone for the suite, hinting at the experimental nature of what’s to come.

“Part II: Entertainment” is the heart of the suite, where Mason explores a wider array of percussive sounds and textures, punctuated by contributions from other band members. This section features an intricate flute solo by Mason’s then-wife, Lindy Mason, which adds a distinctive classical flair to the track. It serves as the ‘entertainment’ within the Vizier’s garden, with playful rhythms and melodies that suggest a festive scene.

The final segment, “Part III: Exit,” acts as a reprise and conclusion to the suite, echoing motifs from the opening and slowly winding down the musical festivities. The composition ends with a sense of completion, as if the listener is being escorted from the grand event they have just audibly attended.

“The Grand Vizier’s Garden Party” is a testament to Pink Floyd’s experimental ethos during this era, allowing each band member to explore individual creativity. As the drummer, Mason’s contribution is often understated, yet this piece highlights his unique role in shaping the band’s avant-garde soundscapes.

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