The Times Rich List and Pink Floyd

It is that time of year again when The Times (a quality UK Broadsheet newspaper) publishes it’s “Rich List” of the top 1000 richest people in Britain. The list includes everybody from royalty, musicians, writers and toffs who have inherited daddy’s money!

Of course as Pink Floyd are one of the worlds most successful rock groups in history, they have made a couple of quid from their musical pursuits. Some members more than others!

The Figures

Well, here are the official Floydian figures for 2004 for members past and present. Roger Waters, as the writer of the most successful songs with the band and the man with the most successful solo career comes in top. He is trailed by David Gilmour who was the second most successful in the band financially.

Roger Waters
David Gilmour
Nick Mason
Rick Wright
Syd Barrett


£100m equals about USD$180m and about the same in Euros

It is rather surprising that Nick Mason, as the drummer of the band, has so much money to burn on those sports cars of his which he loves to race! As a drummer myself, I say more power to him!

Poor old Rick the keyboard player and Syd Barrett (real name Keith Roger Barrett) never got on the top 100 list but I am sure they have enough money to pursue their leisurely activities also.

Roger’s big drop??

It would seem that Roger has been having a little too much fun, or maybe not! The Times took £22m off his net worth due to his recent divorce from his 3rd ife just to be cautious!

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Source: [ The Times Rich List ]