The Wall Live – A Look Behind The Curtain at Pink Floyd Reunion

Links – News David Gilmour Joins Roger Waters On Stage at London O2 | Watch Video | View 41 photos from Pink Floyd reunion/Wall Live DVD.

A Moment of Reconciliation: Roger Waters & David Gilmour

A 6 minute video has appeared on Roger Waters Facebook page of the Pink Floyd reunion performance on 12th May 2011 at London’s O2 Arena. This happened on Roger Waters’ tour of The Wall.

It is a professionally shot video and shows the rehearsals for the performance and backstage during the performance. Given that the shows were recorded professionally at the O2 London (and in Greece), the emergence of this 6 minute professionally shot video could well mean that The Wall Live DVD that we have all been waiting for could finally be just around the corner. Or is it just a 6 minute professionally shot video? You decide!

Roger Waters manager told NPF that the video is not a preview of The Wall Live DVD but “just a look behind the curtain”.

View 41 photos from Pink Floyd reunion/Wall Live DVD.

The Wall Immersion edition was missing much in the way of video and a 5.1 mix that has since been completed. So it is likely that some more video from Pink Floyd’s performances of The Wall in the 1980s will appear along side the 5.1 mix of The Wall that James Guthrie has been slaving away over!

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Roger Waters is still touring The Wall and restarts this Saturday in California. You can see the Roger Waters Tour dates for the rest of 2012.

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