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The Wall Retrospective Photographic Exhibition | Pink Floyd

Over 40 black and white images will be exhibited to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Pink Floyd’s The Wall Film in London. The images, taken by photographer David Appleby, will be on display at Blackall Studios in Shoreditch, London between 13th – 20th July 2012.

Additionally, there is a “catalogue” of the images released by Mind Head Publishing which shows 47 of the images that avid Pink Floyd fans would be pleased to see! This limited edition album size book captures behind the scenes moments, along with iconic shots from the production, but from a unique perspective.

Most of these images have never been seen before as this is the first time many of them have been developed from the original negatives.

David Appleby began his career as a photographer in advertising and was later introduced into the film industry by Lord David Puttnam and Sir Alan Parker, with whom he formed close working relationships, joining them on cinematic masterpieces such as ‘The Killing Fields’, ‘The Mission’, ‘Mississippi Burning’ and ‘Evita’.

The Wall Movie: Watch Online for Free

Many people may not have seen The Wall film before. If you like the studio album, then this visual story of The Wall is an interesting piece to watch and adds depth to the album. I like some of the alternative mixes and recordings heard in some of the songs. “Mother” is one such example. You can watch The Wall Movie online for free courtesy of Roger Waters.

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