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Watch Roger Waters Playing Mother on Lockdown

Pink Floyd songsmith Roger Waters has done a version of Mother from The Wall with most of his band on video call. You can watch it below.

Social distancing is a necessary evil in Covid world. Watching “Mother” reminds me just how irreplaceable the joy of being in a band is.

9 thoughts on “Watch Roger Waters Playing Mother on Lockdown”

  1. what a great song and Yes what a Great Album The WALL is
    Roger sings it well after all 15 years ago

  2. Oh Man that’s sooooo fucking cool…. Need more…. To get us through…. Hopefully things get better soon and the tour resumes……




  3. Roger… (And band) That was fabulous! Beautiful rendition of “Mother” Thanks!

  4. Roger Waters, has issues, and still can’t sing.
    It took three singers and 4 Guitar’s to pull off
    a song David Gilmour performed with perfection.
    It’s not a Pink Floyd type of song, and not my
    favourite. David Gilmour never liked it either.
    Keep singing about your Mom, your Dad, the
    World through your eyes, but life gives us
    Choices, we don’t have to like what you like.

  5. @TONY ASHWELL Thank you for the typo comment. BTW, Do you know if RW is in New York on tour, or actually living there?

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