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When You’re In (Waters, Gilmour, Mason, Wright) 2


01. Obscured By Clouds
02. When You’re In
03. Burning Bridges
04. Gold It’s In The…
05. Wot’s… Uh The Deal
06. Mudmen
07. Childhood’s End
08. Free Four
09. Stay
10. Absolutely Curtains

About the Song

“When You’re In” is another track from Pink Floyd’s album “Obscured by Clouds,” which was released in 1972 as the soundtrack to the film “La Vallée.” The song is an instrumental piece that exemplifies the band’s knack for creating mood-driven music.

“With ‘When You’re In,’ Pink Floyd delivers a dynamic instrumental track from their ‘Obscured by Clouds’ album. This piece is imbued with an infectious energy that showcases the band’s ability to create vibrant soundscapes without the need for lyrics.

The song kicks off with a spirited drumbeat from Nick Mason, quickly joined by David Gilmour’s expressive guitar riffs and the distinctive keyboard layers of Richard Wright. Roger Waters’ bass line provides a pulsating rhythm that drives the track forward, creating an almost celebratory atmosphere.

Though it lacks words, ‘When You’re In’ speaks through its instruments, offering a joyful and somewhat introspective experience. The music rises and falls in intensity, perhaps reflecting the emotional highs and lows one encounters ‘when you’re in’—whether that means being in a particular place, state of mind, or significant moment in life.

As part of the soundtrack for ‘La Vallée,’ the track complements the film’s themes of adventure and self-discovery. In the broader context of Pink Floyd’s work, ‘When You’re In’ stands out as an example of their early ’70s explorations, combining rock elements with the cinematic quality that would soon define their upcoming albums.

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