UFO Days. Any Questions?

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UFO Days. Any Questions?

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I mentioned recently that a friend of mine used to see the original Pink Floyd many times at London venues such as the UFO club. He's got some great memories of those days and also saw most of the great bands of the late sixties as well (The Who, The Doors, Hendrix). I thought it might be interesting to post some of these memories here, as my friend doesn't own a computer, let alone be on the internet. If anyone here would like some information of the old days, please post your questions here and I'll put them to him. Would anyone be interested in this?
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As I am only 20 years old, I have no memories or experience of the early days of great bands!! :( If people can share their memories of said times, that would be great!
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Real Pink in the Inside
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Some say that if you remember the late 60s/early 70s, you weren't really there heh :lol:
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UFO Questions

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Ask him about Syd. Did he meet him? What was he like?

Also, ask about the music. What did they play? How did it sound?

Have him give some thoughts on what was going on during the music.

Ask about the jello pits, I think that is what they called them. He should know what that is all about.

If you want to see some of what it was like, and, you might let him know about this one there is are several videos including Let's All Make Love In London Tonight that will bring back memories. You can still get it through Amazon at a fairly good price. If you have access to it you will find the shots really amazing. I remember some of that stuff that we did over on this side of the pond.

Who else did he see at UFO?

Also, let him know that Colin Turner over at pinkfloyds.com was in London at that time. That could be a very interesting conversation to witness. Colin is going to be in the States very soon. His homebase is in Australia.

Ask him if he met Mary Quant?, Marianne Faithful?

Ask him if Bowie was around anytime he was there?

I will think about this and give you some more.